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АКЦИЯ – электронные циркуляционные насосы со скидкой 50-60% по цене обычных
Насосное оборудование

      In the given area the company has worked since 1995 and has at present won the leading position in the sector.
At present, work on more than 10 water canals of Ukraine are completed. The turnover on the given branch has grown to $30 million for the last 3 years.

      Including the development on more than 50 water cannals which demand immediate sanitation, the investments will result in fast return on profit.
      In the current year, in a cooperation with the governments of Ukraine, Austria and England the work on the  development of the project of reconstruction of water delivery to Dneprodzerzhinsk is being carried out. The cost of reconstruction is  $35 million. Initiation of the project began in  October, 2005 and will be completed in August, 2007. This will allow a reduction in the power inputs more than twice, the quality of water will improve and losses of water in a pipeline network will be removed. The project outlay and recovery time is 10-12 years.

The company conducts the development of the project to capture a concession in the municipal economy of Dneprodzerzhinsk. The rough term of concession is 25-30 years. During the reconstruction full replacement of the out-of-date equipment, repair of networks, introduction of the economic circuit of water delivery and the application of the newest technology of sewage treatment is planned.
This project is expected to generate about $30 million. The income by the economic calculations should occur by the  the 6th year from the investment of capital ($5 million per year). 
      The company encompassed energy saving projects aimed at the replacement of technologically and technically out-of-date pump equipment on the basis of many water canals (. Brovary, Gluhov, Kremenchug, Priluki, Komsomolsk, Bakhmach, Kotovsk, Novgorod – Seversky, etc.) positive results have been received, namely. This significant economy is achieved not only due to reduction of power consumption but also due to reduction in operational expenses.

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