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Насосное оборудование


“Life is over where water ends”

      SU GROUP is engaged in a significant scope of activity, including but not limited to the construction and water delivery without which the ability to live is impossible. The enterprise was founded in 1994. In 1996 it was reorganized into a joint-stock company. The company now represents a team of talented engineers and builders which are experts in infrastructural development in both commercial and residential property. The company comprises expertise in construction, water delivery, filtration, water drainage, electrification, heat supply and the manufacture of energy saving materials. The company has an experienced staff of 181 employees.

      The company`s activity in a building segment is diversified. Since the given direction is very perspective and profitable in Ukraine, works are conducted on the basis of the given and signed Contracts with Administration of the Darnitsky district of Kiev. Activity in this direction is concentrated on erection of dwelling, office and entertainment buildings. Places under housing construction are selected by several criteria: closeness to a traffic intersection, remoteness from industrial zones and closeness to places of rest (bathing, picnic, fishing, etc.). All of this plus the rate of the company on construction of comfortable dwellings allow us to achieve the greatest profitability. Because economical methods, using the best material are applied. This increases attraction and prolongs the durability of buildings compared with competitors. In connection with the economic boom and demand for a high-level dwelling have noticeably increased. According to the forecast of specialists, it will continue to grow, which allows us a return to laid-down capital with a high rate.

      The further studying of the market in Ukraine, in particular, pump engineerings, has shown that the modern equipment, which allows delivery to consumers with reliable, ecologically safe and economic systems of water delivery and drainage systems has not yet been produced. This is why the company cooperates with the leaders in the world of pump engineering.
         SU GROUP is one of the leading suppliers of goods and services in Ukraine connected with water, authorized with distributors of HOMA, WILO, LOWARA, VOGEL, GRUNDFOS and is the sole certified service centre of import equipment on the basis of the German firm GRUNDFOS. The company was a dealer of the foreign partner. Later it began to maintain pump stations, control cabinets on the basis of pumps and components of foreign production to (HOMA, LOWARA, VOGEL, GRUNDFOS, DANFOSS, WILO).

       The company offers the complex solution of problems of water delivery, irrigation, heating, drainage system, water-preparation and water purification. The choice of manufacturers in the offered equipment was determined first of all by quality, reliability, ecological compatibility, and a spectrum of accessible extras.

       Today such customers, as the beer factory "Slavutich", Kiev channel, Kievenergo, Zaporozhye aluminium combine, concern " Lukoil ", etc. use the services offered by the company. The activity on the delivery and installation of the equipment of water supply and water-preparation to private persons, administrative establishments  and organizations continues to be developed with rather small expenses of water.

          The company is the leader in Ukraine the trading partner of known world manufacturers:


The world leader on pump engineering

HOMA (Germany)
(direct deliveries directly from the manufacturer)

The largest manufacturer of drainage and sewer pumps with small, average and high power; also are delivered in the various countries under brands

(direct deliveries directly from the manufacturer)

The household and industrial pump high quality equipment, including pumps for chemical and the food-processing industry from stainless steel; the firm is included into ITT Industries concern

(direct deliveries directly from the manufacturer)

The industrial pump high quality equipment of average and high power, including pumps for chemical and the food-processing industry from various grades of steel and other special materials; manufacture of frequency converters HYDROVAR which are built in engines of various manufacturers; the firm is included into
ITT Industries concern


The world leader on pump engineering

SBF (Germany)

Ecologically safe equipment for arrangement of chinks and well-rooms


Multi-purpose automatic filtering systems and membranous technical equipment for all spectrum of problems of water treatment of household and industrial purpose


Automatic irrigation systems with the variety of functions, aesthetically and technically made out dispersion of water

VAREM (Italy) и ZILMET (Italy)

Manufacturers membranous tanks

AFRIZO (Germany)

Accessories to heating and water supply systems

      The list of products is constantly updated. The existing serial types of pumps are improved and developed. The wide range of performance data of pumps and pump stations allows us to satisfy practically any inquiries including, but not limited to the submission of technological water, maintenance of the functioning of the closed systems of water delivery, ablution under a high pressure sewerage system treatment in the industry, water delivery and drainage systems. For all these purposes experts forecast SU GROUP will increase corresponding pumps with optimum characteristics or complex systems, including but not limited to control systems and will establish them in the shortest terms.        

        There are no difficulties with the guarantee and service of pumps. SU GROUP is the certified service center in Ukraine and of the European sample for service circulating, multistage, sewer and well pumps of various designs. We have the specialized equipment, technical and engineering personnel which has passed a special course of training on factories, manufacturers and has all necessary corresponding certificates. They are capable to carry out exact diagnostics, qualitative technological repair and service of the pump equipment.       

           Joint-Stock Company «SU GROUP» owns the special technological approach to the solving of problems of water purification on the development, installation and service of systems of water preparation and delivery. This process is provided with the qualified experts in chemistry and technology.
         The company carries out a full cycle of works on creation of complexes of water delivery: studying and an estimation of sources of water delivery, selection, manufacturing and installation of pump stations and systems of water-preparation with necessary characteristics.   
         The requirement for development of technologies and the equipment of water purification is caused by two reasons:

• Quality of consumed water is a problem of special importance: the equipment of water purification on waterworks is obsolete both morally and physically, owing to that, unfortunately water in sources of delivery became worse than earlier.
• Modern reforming of economy is characterized by processes of decentralization. In many cases the demands in the creation of local systems of water delivery have individual characteristics in water delivery and increase the requirements to parameters of consumed water. Therefore at the designing of local systems of water supply, within the effective decision of problems. This will consistof optimum selection of modern technologies of water-processing.

          The general quality of all systems is the highest degree of water treatment. More than 500 installations of water purification in both industrial and household function successfully in both Ukraine and Russia.
          Taking into account the desire of the consumers in the decision of problems of water delivery by a complex method "on a turn-key basis", whenever possible Joint-Stock Company «SU GROUP» carries out drilling and the arrangement of wells of various complexity with application of ecologically safe pipes, quartz filters and materials from the firm SBF, which are certificated in Ukraine.
           The company gives its big attention tothe city Kiev, using new technologies of drilling. In 1998-2004 it has constructed, with the help of modern reliable and ecologically safe equipment more than 230 wells  with SBF tand more (85 well-rooms with artesian water ), which equals more than 40 % of the total amount of well-rooms in Kiev, which brings to millions of dwellers pleasure and benefit while using pure artesian water.         

             It would not be desirable to disregard one more direction of the company which already has more than 5 years and has been successfully developing: automatic systems of irrigation from companies  "HUNTER" and "GARDENA”.          
            In the last 78 years the extended tanks of membranous type became an integral part of modern water delivery systems.
Joint-Stock Company «SU GROUP» offers a wide choice of tank companies ZILMET, VAREM and REFLEX including both industrial, and household applications with the fixed and replaceable membranes. Modern materials are applied to manufacturing membranes: butyl, nitrile, SBR, EPDM when necessary works with excited environments, installation of membranes from other special polymers or stainless steel are possible. The sizes of tanks vary from 0.16 up to 2000 litres and are designed for pressure from 3.5 up to 16 atmospheres.

          In July, 2003 the company has had an opportunity to carry out an independent energy audit of pump stations with a high power consumption with the help of equipment from MICRONICS ULTRAFLOW 2000 FLOWMETER which allows to measure actual expenses for transferred medium, that allows to pick up the corresponding equipment with the maximal accuracy.
          The equipment enables the company to realize large-scale projects in complexes to carry out the necessary measurements and provide corresponding selection of equipment. The company`s facilities allow to work with many economies of Ukraine which demand urgent replacement of old equipment with high value of the consumed energy on the equipment combined with smaller parameters of power inputs.

          The modern systems of water delivery and water drainage system are sated with the special engineering equipment, quality and durability of work of system are dependent on.

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