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АКЦИЯ – электронные циркуляционные насосы со скидкой 50-60% по цене обычных
Насосное оборудование

January, 26

"Ukraiinskyi Budivel'nyi Olimp" Prizewinner
Diploma in "Introduction of Energy-Saving Technologies in Housing Building" nomination
For "complex approach to the decision of energy-saving problem in building of luxurious dwelling-houses".

Only those companies, which have the leading position in their branch, can aspire to honorary title of "Ukraiinskyi Budivel'nyi Olimp" Prizewinner

Successfully realizing different programs, guided by principles of business ethics and cooperation, they have high financial-economic indexes and positive dynamics of development , which provide entry into the Ukrainian market of progressive technologies and services, take active part in the social and eleemosynary programs and sponsorship projects.


“Golden Europe Award For Quality & Commercial Prestige”, Brussels (Belgium).


TQCS (Top Quality Customer Satisfaction Standards) Certificate Brussels (Belgium).

October  2005

Ecology and  Natural Resources  of Ukraine
Project Participant Diploma

Person awarded : Zhygun Vitaliy(Chairman of Board)


Gratitude to Anatoliy Fedorenko (Pump Equipment Sales Department Head ). "For the Personal Substantial Contribution to National Economy Reformation, Enterprise Development and Market Structure Formation in Ukraine “
Diploma to  Vitaliy Zhygun "For the Substantial Contribution to National Economy  Reformation, Enterprise Development and Market Infrastructure Formation in Ukraine “


Project Participant Diploma   "Ukraine. Housing Complex"


The International Award "GOLDEN MERCURY" for personal contribution to the economy development and international integration process procurement   


World Commitment International Star Award  fell in a category “GOLD”, Paris (France)


Ukrainian Tax Administration Gratitude "For the Tax Culture High Level and Conscientious  Tax Obligations Fulfilment Pending 2003" 


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