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Насосное оборудование

SU GROUP development projection

1. Dwelling, office and entertainment construction.

      The company has been carrying out this project since 2001. In 2004 the construction of 4 dwelling houses with autonomous heat, water, electricity supply and the application off new technologies began. The total area of construction is 40,000 sq meters.  

starting with the ideas embodied in models...
... to the beginning of construction

        The approximate price of construction is $40m. At the moment $4,2m was paid in from the company's other assets and credits.
       By the forecast of realtors the minimal starting wholesale price will be $ 2 800/sq.m. on that moment of putting in operation of the dwelling houses ( the end of 2008). 
            At the nearest time, taking of cash flows will lead to the repayment of current credits construction, engineering support and advertisement. According to the forecasts, sales will begin at a remunerative price within 4-6 months. Dwelling value will make up $70-80m.
      With this project the company will show the highest technology of construction and its advantages compared to other companies in this area.
      -The next project is an office and entertainment centre. The construction budget is  $25m. Receipts for the construction will be paid from the income from the sale of apartments, which is expected to take 6 months. The total construction area is 16,000 sq meters. At the moment the sales value is not less than $2,800 per sq m and it is continuing to increase. The term of commission is in the middle of 2009. Price from sales will not be less than $50m.       

2. Water supply, drainage system, energy saving decisions in housing and communal services.

      The company has been working on this fieldsince 1995, when the work is done at more than 10 channels of Ukraine. The turnover has increased to $30m in recent years.
Carrying out at more than 50 channels take place. The investment of money will lead to the quick returning and getting profit.
      This year in collaboration with the governments of Ukraine, Austria and England the project of reconstruction of water supply in Dneprodzerzinsk city is carrying out. Reconstruction cost is $35m. Realization of the project will be realized from October, 2005 till August, 2007 and will allow a decrease of power inputs in exploitation more than twice. The quality of water will change and the waste of the water in piping system will be removed. Terms of the project payback is 10-12 years.
       The company is developing the project of undertaking the concession of the housing and communal service in one of Ukrainian towns with the population of 65,000 people. The preliminary term of concession is 25-30 years. It is planned to replace the outmoded facilities. implementation of economical water supply scheme, application of new technology in cleaning of drainage system. The company is going to invest $30m. According to calculations the income must be from the 4th year from the moment of investment. 

3. Development  and   assembling   of baffles   and  pump

      The company has been assembling control baffles and pump stations on the basis of import pumps. At previous years 600 pump stations and more than 2,500 control baffles were assembled. In the nearest future and up to 12/20/05 we are planning to invest more than $5m for the development in this direction. Funds will be directed for the extension of production, improvement of production technology, certification and training of personnel. Profitability of this direction composes 100% at the moment and increases constantly.

4. Domestic sector.

It is planned to work in more than 200 dwelling houses to implement water supply and heat supply systems, water-purification and watering systems.

5. Engineering.

      The company has scientific work up in heat and value sensors. We are preparing the serial issuing of this equipment.
The company carries out the project of hydrogen sulphide usage as a raw material mined from the Black sea.

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